O Danny Boy

“What is this?! A new post?! Mrs. Maughan, you are awesome!” Well, that is what I am imagining you exclaiming as you open the blog today to read. Whatever you exclaim, here it is!

The song we learned today, “I Cannot Tell,” is based on this old Irish song, “O Danny Boy.” Here is a spectacular version by the group The King’s Singers. They are one of my very most favorite groups. You might need a kleenex or two–it is so beautiful. It is said the words are from a father to a son going off to war; however, that may or may not be true.

Here is another version, sung by some beloved Muppets: The Swedish Chef (for an Irish song?), Animal, and Beaker. Again, have a kleenex handy.

Ah, brings a tear to the eye. Whether that tear is because it is great, or because it is awful, I’ll let you decide. 😀


Just a little dancing…

…because if you are visiting the blog, you should get to do a little dance.

😀 😀 😀

The Minstrel Boy — featuring YOU!

Hello Choristers! Would you like to hear The Minstrel Boy from Saturday’s concert? Mrs. Malinka recorded it!

You were amazing at the concerts. I appreciate all the hard work you did to prepare these songs. I am so glad we got to do the pieces from Friday Afternoons. That was a great project to have ongoing all year. I hope you always enjoy those songs! 🙂


St. Nicholas Choristers!

I don’t know if I have enough word to tell you how well you performed last night! One mother told me a woman near her had tears of joy. Do you realize you got a standing ovation? And I was very impressed by your behavior in the pews while waiting and then during the service. You were wonderful!

Now, there is a saying: “Don’t rest on your laurels.” It is a very wise piece of advice. Here is a little background:


The laurel wreath became associated with the god Apollo owing to the myth of Apollo and Daphne — who was turned into a laurel tree by her father when she tried to escape Apollo’s advances. The laurel wreath became his symbol. Later, victors at the Pythian games, which honored Apollo, were awarded laurel wreaths. The admonition more or less means, “Don’t think that because you’ve done well here you can just sit back and enjoy yourself in the future. You still have to work.”

And here is a bonus -- a great Halloween costume idea!

And here is a bonus — a great Halloween costume idea!

There are still things to improve, and more goals ahead, which can only be reached by continuing to work hard. It’s great to celebrate and rejoice in your accomplishments! But, to continue to accomplish our goals as a choir, we must keep working. We have Grandparent’s Day and masses ahead that we will need to prepare for, so we will continue to work hard and continue to improve each day. 🙂

Now, for some fun! This video has nothing to do with music, or music history, or theory, or anything choir-y. But it’s funny and is a great beginning to your Spooooooky Halloweeeeeeen season. And sometimes, we all just need a little funny.


Welcome to a New School Year!

It was so good to see you today, choristers! Thank you for working so hard today in spite of the heat. I think the cooler was being worked on today, so hopefully there will be some relief tomorrow.

Welcome also to the new students at our school this year. It is a crazy, but wonderful place to be! I know you will adjust quickly to your new school, and I hope you will love music and learning with us.

So, back in the Ancient Times, when I was a kid, we didn’t have computers–we had these old machines called typewriters. To write a report, we typed it out–but there was no ‘spell check’ or ‘grammar check’ or any other check–we had to do our own checking. However, these contraptions made wonderful sounds. Here is a short musical piece written with a typewriter as an instrument. I hope it gives you a smile after a busy day!

See you tomorrow!

Best American Idol. Ever!!!

Have you ever heard of “Kid Snippets” videos?  They are hilarious videos  imagined and voiced by kids, but acted by adults.  I think they’re funny!  There aren’t a lot of music related ones, however.  But I did find this one about “American Idol.”  Have a look, and a little laugh. (I’m sorry, it wouldn’t embed–so here is a link.)



There are some pretty funny videos, if you want to look them up!  Entertaining!  😀