I miss the comics board.

I was just thinking of how much I miss the comics board that was outside my old classroom.  I wonder if it will be put up again?  Then  I thought, “Hey❗️ I can put some comics up on the blog‼️”  I actually did that years ago, then stopped for some reason.  So I think I’ll post one at least once a week, like I did on the board.

Here’s one I’ve saved for awhile.


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Mass IX — Sanctus

Good afternoon, choristers! You did a nice job of practicing the Mass IX Kyrie and Agnus Dei today. We will probably spend almost all of our time on the Sanctus tomorrow. If you would like a head start, here it is.

As you/ve probably noticed, the more familiar you are with these chant pieces, the more comfortable you are singing them! See you tomorrow. 🙂