How Merrily We Live — Michael Este

I though I should add this, also, since we looked at it again today. This is a fun rendition, however, I don’t think we would do it quite like this! The info said this was a children’s choir, though I would say young women’s choir. Still, it’s very well sung!

I like how fast it goes! We should try it at this speed. 🙂


For the Beauty of the Earth — Rutter

Hello, Choristers! I was telling you of this piece today. Listen and see what you think. This is a children’s choir from Indonesia. I’m not sure if we would go quite this fast. I do love the dynamics they use with this piece.

Do you think we could have this ready by May 30? 🙂

O Danny Boy

“What is this?! A new post?! Mrs. Maughan, you are awesome!” Well, that is what I am imagining you exclaiming as you open the blog today to read. Whatever you exclaim, here it is!

The song we learned today, “I Cannot Tell,” is based on this old Irish song, “O Danny Boy.” Here is a spectacular version by the group The King’s Singers. They are one of my very most favorite groups. You might need a kleenex or two–it is so beautiful. It is said the words are from a father to a son going off to war; however, that may or may not be true.

Here is another version, sung by some beloved Muppets: The Swedish Chef (for an Irish song?), Animal, and Beaker. Again, have a kleenex handy.

Ah, brings a tear to the eye. Whether that tear is because it is great, or because it is awful, I’ll let you decide. 😀