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I know, I already added some to the board this week.  I had to make up for the time I was gone, didn’t I?  Here is tomorrow’s comic–tell me tomorrow if you figured it out!



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Good evening, choristers!  Has the snow finally stopped?  I hope everyone is home, safe and sound, and doing homework or practicing. 

Here is the Credo we worked on today.  It is written in chant notation.  The version in the hymnals is in regular notation, so it is easier to read, but this chant is not difficult.  It is sung by monks.  Notice how the chanting ebbs and flows–these are not trained musicians–they sing as part of their daily worship, and it is very natural to them.  Of course, they also know it VERY well!

The more you listen, follow along, and sing it, the easier it will get.  You have all had the experience of practicing and working at something until you could do it well or even master it.  Your music is exactly the same.  You can do it!

I think listening to this is very soothing.  What do you think?

See you tomorrow!  🙂

Panis Angelicus

Helloooooo, choristers!  It was so great to see you today, even if you were in your jammies!  Thank you for working hard on my first day back!  I really enjoyed hearing you all sing again.  🙂

Here is a recording of Panis Angelicus.  The boys will be singing this at mass tomorrow.  It is not the same version as you will be doing.  I looked at about 20 videos and cannot find one with the same arrangement.  This one is fairly close, however, and you will at least be able to study the melody. 

If you haven’t been to the blog for awhile, check out some of the previous posts.  We will be learning alot of music in the next several weeks, so check back often.  I can’t wait to see you in your 80’s clothes tomorrow–I actually remember the 80’s, and some of the fashions were weeeeiiiiirrrrddd…   :O


The Look!!!! >:(

Hello Choristers!  How is “Dumb Week”  going?  Do you miss having choir every day?  I am curious.  Please comment on what it is like to go without music for a week.  I know I am sure missing choir right now!  I am not sure when I am coming back yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.  In the meantime, here is a picture to remind you of me. 


death stare


‘Sup, player?

No,  I haven’t forgotten funnies!  In fact, here are some that deal with the devices we use to listen to music.   🙂

I swear, in 1998 this was TOTALLY true...large player, small headphones.

I swear, in 1998 this was TOTALLY true…large player, small headphones.

Now, it’s more like the pic above about 2012…or, even like this next one:




Although, I think I would like this for myself…

I like my beats with a fox, I like my beats in a box.

I like my beats with a fox, I like my beats in a box.

And if you want a lesson in rhythm, read Dr. Suess.    Best. Poetry. Ever!!!

Nunc Dimittis — Holst

It’s snowing like crazy where I live!  And from what I heard on the news, it’s snowing everywhere right now.  What a great time to listen to good music! 

Nunc Dimittis,  by Gustav Holst, is a fabulous piece written for 8 parts.  It is one of the very most favorite pieces I sang when I was on tour with the Cathedral Choir.  The last couple of pages just would send chills down my spine!   Here are two versions for you to enjoy.  The first is by a choir from Winchester Cathedral, England.  It starts very, very softly, and our Cathedral choir used to sing it almost exactly as this recording. 



This next version is by a group called Voces8.   I don’t know too much about them, but I know they are great.  Each person has to carry their own part in this piece.  Notice how the middle section of the song is much faster in this version.



Mr. Maughan (Andy) and Mrs. Malinka both have told me how well you’ve done so far this week.  Please keep up the good work; I love to get good reports about you!  🙂

Ave Verum Corpus — Colin Mawby

Gooooooood morning, choristers!  I hope you are having a good Tuesday.  I’m writing this during your choir time, so I’m trying to send good vibes your way!  🙂

I am going to beging posting recordings of the pieces you will be working on the next few weeks for the tour.  I know some of you are not going (neither am I), but even if you are not it is good to learn these now,  because at some point in your choirschool life you will sing them. 

The first is Ave Verum Corpus by Colin Mawby.  He is an English composer, born in 1936.  Here is his biography on Wikipedia:

The words to this text have been set to many, many different tunes.  Here is the Latin.  Test your tranlating skills–I will let you look up the English translation yourselves.  

Ave verum corpus, natum

de Maria Virgine,
vere passum, immolatum

in cruce pro homine,
cuius latus perforatum

fluxit aqua et sanguine:
esto nobis praegustatum

in mortis examine.
O Iesu dulcis, O Iesu pie, O Iesu, fili Mariae.
Miserere mei. Amen.
This recording is from BYU.  (I know, I know, but get over it–it IS a great school!)
I personally think this is a STUNNING rendition of the piece.  It is very slow, and the dynamics are superb.  (It makes me cry, it is so beautiful!)
I hope you enjoy this!


I’ve missed you, choristers!  I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately,  but I have been having a winter break, too.  I had surgery and hoped to be back home after a couple of days, but I was in the hospital 6 days because of some complications.  Now I’m at home resting, kind of–I do a few chores, then have to take lots of breaks.  But it feels good to be home and working on my recovery! 

Mrs. Malinka is working on schedules for subs.  Please, please, please be flexible and attentive at all times.  It is good for you to have different teacher’s perspectives.  We teachers all have our different strengths and skills, and it will benefit you to study and learn with someone else for awhile, and learning to adapt to anyone who conducts you.  You will be working on music for the  tour, and at some point, music for our Winter Concert on Feb. 9th.  You were  popular on the concerts last year, so I’m excited you will be  performing again .  I will get frequent updates from Mrs. Malinka.

I will try to blog more often, now that we’ve all had winter break!  So, just to start up again–here’s a couple of  good laughs for you!

Since Justin Bieber was just in town…

Yeah, kitteh.  This is kind of how I felt, too.

Yeah, kitteh. This is kind of how I felt, too.


And this one, because Christmas is over–and so is bad Christmas music!  (Aren’t you glad you sing good music?)However, Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and Winter Wonderland are NOT Christmas songs! check out the words sometime... 

However, Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, and Frosty the Snowman are NOT Christmas songs–check out the lyrics when you’re bored!

Have a great first Monday of 2013!!   🙂