Confitemini Domino – Constantini

Happy Fridee, choristers! Thank you for your hard work today. I found two interesting recordings of Confitemini Domino. It will be interesting to hear which you like best. The first one is a women’s choir from Estonia. (Look it up–very interesting!) They do some interesting things with the dynamics, and they are wearing traditional clothing.


The next group is Pueri Cantores della Cappella Sistina, which is the boy’s choir of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. It is one of the oldest choirs in the world. (Although, some of these boys look very young.) 🙂


In both recordings, notice how different the “Alleluia” section sounds from the first section–it is more like a dance, with the time signature change to 3/4.

Enjoy these recordings, and check back from time to time!


Welcome to a New School Year!

It was so good to see you today, choristers! Thank you for working so hard today in spite of the heat. I think the cooler was being worked on today, so hopefully there will be some relief tomorrow.

Welcome also to the new students at our school this year. It is a crazy, but wonderful place to be! I know you will adjust quickly to your new school, and I hope you will love music and learning with us.

So, back in the Ancient Times, when I was a kid, we didn’t have computers–we had these old machines called typewriters. To write a report, we typed it out–but there was no ‘spell check’ or ‘grammar check’ or any other check–we had to do our own checking. However, these contraptions made wonderful sounds. Here is a short musical piece written with a typewriter as an instrument. I hope it gives you a smile after a busy day!

See you tomorrow!

It’s almost here…

It’s almost time for another school year! Are you excited? Nervous? Sad? Personally, I LOVE the beginning of a new school year. I especially enjoy seeing and hearing the progress you make as singers. I can’t wait to start our new year!

I thought you might like a couple of funnies to check out—

Really.  Fer rude.

Really. Fer rude.

bass players

Okay, maybe I’ve picked on instrumentalists enough. But don’t you hate rude cello phone users? 😉

Start warming up your vocal cords, folks!