Okay, just one little funny poem…


Ode to Bacon

It’s not  musical, and not even really poetic, but Davit will like it.  And it IS about bacon…


Missa Breve – Delibes

Happy Friday, choristers!  I hope you have a great weekend and do well tomorrow at the mass for Family Advent Day.  I did find a link of a children’s choir singing the mass we’ve been working on this week.  Here is the Kyrie and Gloria.  (Tomorrow’s mass will just be the Kyrie.)


The next link has the Agnus Dei at about 4:17 in the video.  (There is a Sanctus and an O Salutaris before that.)


Notice the Agnus Dei starts with 2 soloists, not the whole choir.  That is how it is written.  This choir does some nice things with dynamics.  Even though the music will contain dynamic markings,  you should still keep an eye on the conductor to see the instructions they give you, also. 

Happy listening, and I promise to post something funny this weekend!

Stay healthy!!!

Just a reminder–with everything going on this season, try to stay healthy, so you don’t end up sick like I am right now!!! 

       Get plenty of rest.

       Drink water throughout the day–soda does NOT count.

       Wash your hands often throughout the day.  Don’t just use hand sanitizer; use soap and water and wash them well.  Don’t touch your face alot; when the germs get near your nose…BOOM!

If you have a cough or sore throat, here is a wonder drink that will really help–and it’s comforting, too.  Put 1 spoon of honey in a mug, add 1 spoon of lemon juice.  Add boiling water, stir, and sip. (You can adjust the taste to be a little more sweet or a little more tart.)   This will really help soothe your throat, and it’s tasty.  I’m going to fix one right now!  🙂


  This is Black Kitteh. She sleeps pretty much all day. When she isn’t sleeping, she follows me around the house, meowing for a drink of water from a sink.

This is about all she does.


Sometimes Gray Kitteh joins in the fun.


Sometimes they fight. Or maybe they are playing. It’s hard to tell the difference.

Stop, kittehs!

And sometimes they use their super awesome laser eyes to try and get kitteh treats.

“Giiiiiive uuuuuusssss treeeeeeeats!”


Now that you’ve met the kittehs, GO PRACTICE!!!  


Welcome, choristers and young musicians!

I am glad you are here!  This is where I can post  links to the awesome music we are learning, informational tidbits, and also fabulously funny or thought provoking general music links. I hope you enjoy the things posted here, but make sure your comments are kind and clean.  Huzzah!