Missa Breve – Delibes (new)

Hello choristers,

There is a post from 2012 of the Delibes Mass that we are working on, but I found this tonight, and I really like it.  The Kyrie is at the beginning, but you have to skip ahead to 11:42 for the Agnus Dei.

I hope you were able to dry off a bit after choir today.  Remember we have a whole year of going over the the extended building, so you may always want to keep a jacket of some kind available.  Have a great evening!  🙂


Vocal cords in action

Good evening, choristers!  Here is a video of vocal cords while actually singing.  Notice how thin the cords are on the high voice, and how thick they are for the lowest voice. It is also interesting to see how they move when breathing and clearing the throat.

You should always take the warm-ups we do seriously, and use them to help you develop a healthy, strong voice!

Doggeh jams

Hello choristers!  Have you had a nice break?  We made it successfully through our first full week of school!  I thought you might enjoy this.  A golden retriever enjoys jammin’ to the guitar–but gets a little sad when the music stops.  Have you ever noticed an animal enjoying music?  Or maybe an animal that doesn’t enjoy music?

Have fun and rest up for tomorrow! 🙂

So sorry, but…

…I can’t find a video or audio link for the Missa Parvula by Peter Maxwell Davies that we sight-read today.  But look at other things on the blog, especially if you haven’t been here before!  It’s quite entertaining, and educational, too!  And, if you like, see if you can find (on the internet) the meaning of “parvula.”  It may help explain the mass we sight-read.  Why do you think the composer named it Missa Parvula?

See you tomorrow!  🙂