So, if you’ve come to the blog, I ought to at least give you some Bach jokes.

Some of you may be too young to remember...

Some of you may be too young to remember…





😀  Huzzah for Bach!


Messe Basse — Faure

Good afternoon, choristers!  It was good to start some new music today, wasn’t it?  To me, sightreading new music is like getting a new present–it’s exciting to see what is inside!  Oh well, I’m a music geek.  🙂

Here is the Messe Basse we worked on today.  The Kyrie is at the beginning, of course, and the Agnus Dei is at 7:00 minutes.  The printed music is included, yay!  You may listen to the other movements in between.  It is a beautiful mass.  I hope you enjoy it.



Thank you!

Happy Sunday, choristers!  I want to thank you for your performance yesterday.  It went so well!  I received a lot of compliments on your performance.  I hope you are pleased, also!

This week we will be learning music for the mass on Tuesday, April 30.  Have a good day of rest and I will see you tomorrow!  🙂

Mass I — Kyrie and Agnus Dei

Welcome back, choristers!  We really need to bump up the energy this week!  As promised, here is Mass I.  Even though the voice is lower than yours, you can follow along and learn! 

First, the Kyrie: 


And the Agnus Dei:

This should give you plenty of time to listen and learn.  We will also spend time tomorrow on ‘Irme quiero’, and hopefully the other Spanish pieces as well.  Get some rest, and be ready!  🙂

Spring Break!

I hope you are all having a nice spring break.  🙂  Get ready to work on Tuesday!  In the meantime, here is some nice opera, sung by a lovely tenor bulldog.  He really gets into it at about 1:00 in the video.

Doesn’t that just bring a tear to your eye?  Just lovely!   😀  Can any one name the actual opera singer on the television?  He died in 2007.