Credo — again!

Hello Choristers! I posted this in January 2013. I thought I’d post it again, so you don’t have to search for it. Again, the text and music scrolls along, so you don’t need your sheets. The more you listen, the easier it will get. I have been hearing some of you really singing it well!


It’s very relaxing to listen to it right before bed. 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello, Choristers! We had a very quiet day in St. Nicholas choir with only the 7th and 8th grade. I heard the ballet was fantastic!

As promised, here is a lovely little Valentine’s video for you.


See you in choir!

Mass IX (or 9) Kyrie and Agnus Dei

Hello, Choristers! Tomorrow the girls sing at the 5:15 Mass. The pieces are Mass IX and the Lindley “Ave Maria.” I imagine we will only need to run the Ave Maria once or twice, and you probably still have it memorized.

I think most of the older students remembered Mass IX after we sang through it, but here is something to rehearse with.


And the Agnus Dei:

Listening and singing along to these will help you be prepared for tomorrow. The singer does them fairly slowly and very clearly, and I like that the music is there, also.

Since there is also a mass at 2:15 that you will be attending, be sure to use your free time wisely. Get a snack, move around, get some water, go to the restroom. Those things will help you have energy for the long afternoon. And if you are getting bored during mass, listen and find 3 things that you have never heard of or noticed before. I find doing this keeps me involved in whatever I am sitting through–a long meeting, a lecture, a concert, a church service.
Have a good evening, and see you tomorrow. 🙂