Welcome to a New School Year!

It was so good to see you today, choristers! Thank you for working so hard today in spite of the heat. I think the cooler was being worked on today, so hopefully there will be some relief tomorrow.

Welcome also to the new students at our school this year. It is a crazy, but wonderful place to be! I know you will adjust quickly to your new school, and I hope you will love music and learning with us.

So, back in the Ancient Times, when I was a kid, we didn’t have computers–we had these old machines called typewriters. To write a report, we typed it out–but there was no ‘spell check’ or ‘grammar check’ or any other check–we had to do our own checking. However, these contraptions made wonderful sounds. Here is a short musical piece written with a typewriter as an instrument. I hope it gives you a smile after a busy day!

See you tomorrow!


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