Lift Thine Eyes — Mendelssohn

Here is a nice rendition of “Lift Thine Eyes.”  This version has very nice dynamics. 


Give Ear Unto Me — Marcello

Hello!  Here is the “Give Ear Unto Me”  video.  It is being sung by just 2 singers.  Very nice.  I like to speed up the middle section a little, though.  I think it adds some variety and gives it a different feel from the beginning and end.

Tetris. It’s the bee’s knees!

I have one whole game on my phone.  Yeah, I know–pretty lame, Mrs. Maughan.  But I use my phone for calls and texts.  Oh yeah, and as an alarm clock.  I only have Tetris on it for those times I have to pick up Mr. Maughan somewhere, and I have to wait a few minutes.  One day, I’ll have an iPhone and I’ll be cool, too. 

I like the Tetris music.  Here’s a GREAT ragtime version of the Tetris theme song, with a little bit of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” thrown in towards the end.  It’s awesome.  Watch how fast his left hand moves.