Better not forget your theory…

If this makes sense to you…good job!    🙂

musician's math


Grumpy Cat loves opera!

Have you seen Grumpy Cat?  It’s a cat whose cute lil’ face is in a permanent frown.  My son Andy posted this today…and it reminded me of Opera Camp coming up!  Have any of you signed up?  It starts July 8, and it’s LOTS of fun and LOTS of work!  We write, design, compose, rehearse and put on an opera all in 5 days.  If you want to sign up, go to 

And, in the meantime…


Oh, Grumpy Cat.  You're always

Oh, Grumpy Cat. You’re always so…so…grumpy.

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Best American Idol. Ever!!!

Have you ever heard of “Kid Snippets” videos?  They are hilarious videos  imagined and voiced by kids, but acted by adults.  I think they’re funny!  There aren’t a lot of music related ones, however.  But I did find this one about “American Idol.”  Have a look, and a little laugh. (I’m sorry, it wouldn’t embed–so here is a link.)


There are some pretty funny videos, if you want to look them up!  Entertaining!  😀

Ack! Halfway through June already…!!!

Hello, choristers–and happy summer to you!  I took a couple of weeks off from the blog…you did say you wanted it continued through the summer, though.  Here’s a little joke to get you by for now.  I will add more great things in the next day or two.  I hope you’re having a good summer so far!

bahahahaha...good one

Baahahaha…good one.

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Cody the Screaming Dog

Warning:  You might sound like this after a few days without choir.  Be careful, folks. 


Really, I have to wonder what the neighbors think of this!  By the way, Black Kitteh is really disturbed by this sound.  I don’t know how it can tell it is a dog, but it really dislikes it.  😛

Gladys Knight and the Pips

 So now you will all know what I’m talking about — here is the marvelous Gladys Knight and the even more marvelous Pips.  Yes, she is the main thing, but you will see the Pips are actually the most entertaining.  These guys, my young choir students,  are smooooooooooooth.

Hmmmm…makes me almost wish we could add some dance moves to Panis Angelicus…

Have a fun field day and swim day tomorrow!  🙂