Secret Question for Jan. 30

All right, here you go! Remember, this is a SECRET question. You can only see it here on the blog. When you come to the class tomorrow, I will have some small papers by a box. Write your name and the answer to the question, and put it in the box.

    THE QUESTION: In the post “Just a little dancing…”, who is playing the guitar?

Remember, do not discuss this with anyone…be sure to put your name on the paper with your answer.

See you tomorrow!



Just a little dancing…

…because if you are visiting the blog, you should get to do a little dance.

😀 😀 😀

A Clare Benediction – Rutter, Gloria Alleluia — Crocker

Hello Choristers! Oh my heavens, it’s been awhile. We all survived Christmas, Dumb Week, and as of tomorrow, the 2nd term of school! I thought it was time to put up some new things on the blog.

Here is a nice version of A Clare Benediction. Or, as some of you have been calling it, Pastry Addiction. Really, now. Anyway, this is an interesting video. I like how this group makes the music just flow beautifully–not stiff at all. Listen and let me know what you think!

And look what else I found! Here are a couple of different versions for you to hear! Which do you like best?

I like to hear different versions of the same song, especially when they are the same arrangement. It is interesting to hear how differently choirs can interpret the same song! 🙂