Deep River — Tippett

Happy Valentine’s Eve!  Hahahaha, I thought I’d say that since some of you couldn’t BELIEVE you’d have an extra rehearsal on Valentine’s Day!!!  Like you wouldn’t be in school anyway during 7th and 8th period?!?!?!  Well, we do have an extra rehearsal tomorrow, so sleep well, eat a good lunch, and be ready! I would also suggest bring a water bottle to class. 

Here is Deep River, sung in Italy by the Choir school and Cathedral choirs.  DO NOT get confused by the very high soprano parts — remember, keep the “I want to cross over into campground” phrase going. 


Have a good evening, and be rested up for tomorrow!  🙂



Salve Regina — Desenclos

A special thanks to Tessa — she told me that there was a recording of our choirs singing the Salve Regina by Desenclos.  This was recorded in the Cathedral back in June.


There is no video for this, just the sound.  This will give you a good idea of the speed it will be taken.  (In the other recordings I found, one was really fast, one was slower.)  Be ready to really work hard on the middle section tomorrow!  🙂


Hymn to the Mother of God — Tavener

Good Mondee to you, choristers.  I was pleased to hear that you had rehearsed this already.  Here is a lovely recording by a group called The Sixteen.  They are one of my favorite choral groups.  To me, they always sound very clean and precise–especially important in so much of the music done by the Cathedral choirs.  The images with this song are also beautiful to look at, and go with the music nicely.

The time you spend listening to these pieces will really help you to be familiar with them, and you will know what to expect  when you rehearse with the rest of the choir members next Tuesday evening.

Thank you for your hard work!

Tomorrow’s comic

Hello choristers!  Are you having a lovely Thursdee evening?  I’m beat!  This was my first full Thursdee back.  It’s my longest day of the work week.  I feel I’m getting stronger each day, though, and that is good! 

Here is tomorrow’s comic.  I love being able to post music jokes that only musicians understand!






I’m looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow.  Thank you for all your hard work this week.   🙂

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Palestrina Missa Brevis — Kyrie and Agnus Dei

Happy Fridee, choristers!  I hope the talent show went well, and now you are enjoying some family time, or some free time, or some play time.  Rest up, because we will be hitting the music hard next week.  We will work on tour music, but we also need to finalize and begin preparing music for your first concert, which will probably be right after the tour.

Here is the Kyrie we worked on today, followed by the Agnus Dei.  And there’s music for you to follow, too!  If you are going on tour, start getting very familiar with these pieces.  And if you’re not going on tour, all this music is wonderful practice for you.  The more music you can master, the easier new music will be to learn later on.

The Agnus Dei does not have the written music on the video.  It is in 2 parts, and you are learning part 2.  Part 2 starts at 2:19 into the video.  (Update:  The link will take you to youtube for the video.  The code to put the video right into the blog was incorrect, so click on the link to get to the correct video.  You still have to go to 2:19 for Agnus Dei II.)


 Have a great weekend, and check the blog.  I’ll look for something funny to post!  🙂