He that is down, Mass VIII — and welcome!

Hello, St. Hildegard Choristers!

I am so excited to be working with you this new school year! How has your first week been? There are so many changes this year, with the addition of a new choir (you!), and of course, the CONSTRUCTION!!! I must say, though, you have done VERY well so far with lining up, coming quickly into the extended building, putting up with the weird table in the middle of the room, and leaving the building. As I mentioned this week, it’s those kind of things that can be sooooo frustrating to all, and the more calmly we handle them, the better things are all around. So, thank you!

I found this recording of “He That is Down Need Fear No Fall.” It is a bit different than ours; it has a soloist at the beginning, and SATB choir on the 2nd and 3rd verse. There is a flute playing the accompianment. (The choir sings what the piano plays.) It uses the same notes as ours, just with choir. I think it is very peaceful.

Here is also a re-link to Mass VIII. Notice the music is there, also, so you can follow along. It is sung by just one singer, with a much lower voice, but it is excellently done and very clear.


Agnus Dei:

Have a good weekend! I look forward to seeing you Monday! 🙂


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