Three Sephardic Folk Songs — texts

Here are the words for the Three Sephardic Folk Songs.  I think the tunes are pretty much now stuck in your heads…:D

Irme quiero

La mi madre,

Por este mundo

Me ire.

O madre, me ire.


Rahelica baila, Moxonico canta,

Los ratones godros, Ellos dan las palmas.


Xinanay comio bimbrillo, S’espero’n medio del rio,

Espero que ven ga’l tio,  Que le de con el martillo.


Xinanay comio galleta, S’espero’n la camareta,

Espero que vanga L’anetta, Que le de con la galecha.



(I didn’t put in all “Xinanay” ‘s because I know you’ve probably got those memorized already!)

I think these songs will be performed best if they are memorized.  I will have words on a sheet you can take home for Easter break.  As short as they are, they should be quick to memorize, and if Kathryn keeps translating for us, you’ll know what you are singing!  🙂



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