Good evening, choristers!  Has the snow finally stopped?  I hope everyone is home, safe and sound, and doing homework or practicing. 

Here is the Credo we worked on today.  It is written in chant notation.  The version in the hymnals is in regular notation, so it is easier to read, but this chant is not difficult.  It is sung by monks.  Notice how the chanting ebbs and flows–these are not trained musicians–they sing as part of their daily worship, and it is very natural to them.  Of course, they also know it VERY well!

The more you listen, follow along, and sing it, the easier it will get.  You have all had the experience of practicing and working at something until you could do it well or even master it.  Your music is exactly the same.  You can do it!

I think listening to this is very soothing.  What do you think?

See you tomorrow!  🙂


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