Panis Angelicus

Helloooooo, choristers!  It was so great to see you today, even if you were in your jammies!  Thank you for working hard on my first day back!  I really enjoyed hearing you all sing again.  🙂

Here is a recording of Panis Angelicus.  The boys will be singing this at mass tomorrow.  It is not the same version as you will be doing.  I looked at about 20 videos and cannot find one with the same arrangement.  This one is fairly close, however, and you will at least be able to study the melody. 

If you haven’t been to the blog for awhile, check out some of the previous posts.  We will be learning alot of music in the next several weeks, so check back often.  I can’t wait to see you in your 80’s clothes tomorrow–I actually remember the 80’s, and some of the fashions were weeeeiiiiirrrrddd…   :O



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