Nunc Dimittis — Holst

It’s snowing like crazy where I live!  And from what I heard on the news, it’s snowing everywhere right now.  What a great time to listen to good music! 

Nunc Dimittis,  by Gustav Holst, is a fabulous piece written for 8 parts.  It is one of the very most favorite pieces I sang when I was on tour with the Cathedral Choir.  The last couple of pages just would send chills down my spine!   Here are two versions for you to enjoy.  The first is by a choir from Winchester Cathedral, England.  It starts very, very softly, and our Cathedral choir used to sing it almost exactly as this recording. 



This next version is by a group called Voces8.   I don’t know too much about them, but I know they are great.  Each person has to carry their own part in this piece.  Notice how the middle section of the song is much faster in this version.



Mr. Maughan (Andy) and Mrs. Malinka both have told me how well you’ve done so far this week.  Please keep up the good work; I love to get good reports about you!  🙂


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