Ave Verum Corpus — Colin Mawby

Gooooooood morning, choristers!  I hope you are having a good Tuesday.  I’m writing this during your choir time, so I’m trying to send good vibes your way!  🙂

I am going to beging posting recordings of the pieces you will be working on the next few weeks for the tour.  I know some of you are not going (neither am I), but even if you are not it is good to learn these now,  because at some point in your choirschool life you will sing them. 

The first is Ave Verum Corpus by Colin Mawby.  He is an English composer, born in 1936.  Here is his biography on Wikipedia:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Mawby

The words to this text have been set to many, many different tunes.  Here is the Latin.  Test your tranlating skills–I will let you look up the English translation yourselves.  

Ave verum corpus, natum

de Maria Virgine,
vere passum, immolatum

in cruce pro homine,
cuius latus perforatum

fluxit aqua et sanguine:
esto nobis praegustatum

in mortis examine.
O Iesu dulcis, O Iesu pie, O Iesu, fili Mariae.
Miserere mei. Amen.
This recording is from BYU.  (I know, I know, but get over it–it IS a great school!)
I personally think this is a STUNNING rendition of the piece.  It is very slow, and the dynamics are superb.  (It makes me cry, it is so beautiful!)
I hope you enjoy this!

2 comments on “Ave Verum Corpus — Colin Mawby

  1. Some of the those people singing look like they are in pain! It is REALLY funny to watch! They do sound really nice though! 🙂

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