Upcoming week

We have a busy week coming up.   Monday and Tuesday nights are the carol services.  You need to be at the cathedral at 7:30.  Make sure you get a drink and go to the restroom before you come to the meeting room–it’s the room across from the choir room in the basement.  Please bring a book or plan on being QUIET.   I would rather you NOT bring toys or lots of distractions.  We will only be there a few minutes, and then we will go up to the service.

Thank you for all the hard work you have been doing.  Many people come to the cathedral for the beautiful music during the holidays, and you help to bring the Christmas spirit to many who seek inspiration and joy.  Stay healthy, get lots of rest, and be prepared to SING!! 🙂


…and something inspiring. :)

This community is making beautiful music from garbage.  Unbelievable?  I thought these instruments would sound like toys, but they don’t…watch and be inspired!  It’s amazing how music doesn’t just come from the instrument, but from the hands and the heart of the musician.

Something light!

And a blessed Saturday to you!  I thought maybe we could use something light.  I saw this a few years ago, but I was reminded of it when Mrs. Malinka posted it.  It’s tooooo funny! 


                      Of course, if I had big, awesome tinfoil wings, I’d want to sing like that, too!

Hmmmm…maybe that’s a little TOO much leadership…

Have a great Saturday, choristers!  🙂

A moment of seriousness…

It’s quiet on the blog tonight.  I hope you are all spending time with family or friends, or enjoying some quiet time.  It was a sad day today around the country.  Please know this:  your parents and teachers love and care for you very much, and would do anything for you to make sure you are safe.  At times it may seem like grown-ups are too strict or there are too many rules, but everything we do is to ensure your safety and to give you the best possible learning environment.  I love working with you and want you to always do your best, and to love music and find joy in the world around you. 

May we pray for those who have lost loved ones, and may they find comfort and peace.advent 1

All God’s Creatures

Anya found this video!  For the new kids, we sang this for a concert last spring with the younger grades.  It was awesome!  Thanks, Anya, for bringing back some good memories.  🙂

For Unto Us a Child is Born–Handel

Hello choristers!  I will start posting some things you are singing on Christmas Day.  One of them is this piece from “The Messiah”  by Handel.   Remember, you are singing all of the “Wonderful, Counselor…” parts.  It’s nice to listen to, and this is a fantastic recording.

Veni, Veni Emmanuel

Okay, one more for tonight.  This is Mannheim Steamroller’s “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”  When I first heard it, I hadn’t sung much Latin and knew very little about Gregorian chant. 


This would be something cool to do with some of your pictures from choir tours or other trips you have taken–set them to a song you like (perhaps one you’ve learned in choir) and make them into a video.  A woman set some pictures of her travels to this music, and made this video.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Rock-n-roll!)

The other day, we were rehearsing “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,” and I did a little rock-n-roll bit on the piano.  I got it  from this version of the song by a group called Mannheim Steamroller. 

I went to a concert when I was about 17 years old, and I was hooked!  Their music was mostly electronic, with lots of keyboards. They put out a series of albums called “Fresh Aire.”  I loved them, and even got the piano music for two of them.  The music was handwritten and copied, was hard to read, and very expensive back then.  It wasn’t in the nice books they have now. 

A few years later, they came out with the first of their Christmas albums, and that is what they are mostly known for today.  You have probably heard lots of their arrangements, but maybe didn’t know who they were!  Here is “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen.”