The First Noel, O Come Emmanuel

Hey, those titles rhyme!  🙂  Here are the words so you can get started on the memorization.  The verses in the bold type are the ones you should memorize.

The First Noel 


The first Nowell the angel did say,

Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay;

In fields where they lay keeping their sheep,

In a cold winter’s night that was so deep.


They looked up and saw a star

Shining in the east, beyond them far.

And to the earth it gave great light,

And so it continued both day and night.


And by the light of that same star

Three wise men came from country far;

To seek for a king was their intent,

And to follow the star wherever it went.


This star drew night to the northwest,

O’er Bethlehem it took its rest;

And there it did both stop and stay,

Right over the place where Jesus lay.


Then entered in those wise men three,

Full rev’rently upon their knee,

And offered there, in his presence

Their gold and myrrh and frankincense.


Then let us all with one accord

Sing praises to our heav’nly Lord;

That hath made Heav’n and earth of nought,

And with his blood mankind has bought.

 Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell,

Born is the King of Israel.



 O Come, O Come Emmanuel


O come, O come, Emmanuel,

And ransom captive Israel,

That mourns in lowly exile here

Until the Son of God appear.


O come, O Wisdom from on high,

Who orders all things mightily;

To us the path of knowledge show,

And teach us in her ways to go.


O come, O come great Lord of might,

Who to your tribes on Sinai’s height

In ancient times once gave the law,

In cloud, and majesty, and awe.


O come, O Rod of Jesse’s stem,

From ev’ry foe deliver them

That trust your mighty pow’r to save,

And give them vict’ry o’er the grave.


O come, O Key of David, come,

And open wide our heav’nly home;

Make safe the way that leads on high,

And close the path to misery.


O come, O Dayspring from on high

And cheer us by your drawing nigh;

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night,

And death’s dark shadow put to flight.


O come, Desire of nations, bind

In one the hearts of humankind;

O bid our sad divisions cease,

And be for us our King of Peace.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!

Emmanuel shall come to you, O Israel.


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