Dave Brubeck

brubeckOne of the greatest jazz musicians and composers of our time passed away today–one day before his 92nd birthday.  Dave Brubeck wrote wonderful jazz music, very often with odd time signatures, which gave many of his songs a great rhythm.  The very most famous song is probably “Take Five”, a song written in 5/4 time.  (When you listen to it, count 1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-5–this is an unusual time signature, and in this song, it is VERY catchy!)  There is no video with this, just music.  Play it when you have 10 minutes to yourself, or while you’re studying.


I first heard “Take Five”  when I was a little kid, and I was hooked!  When I grew up, I was lucky enough to play it with a jazz quartet consisting of piano, sax, drums, and upright bass.  Dave Brubeck had a quartet just like that for many years, and much of his music was recorded by it.

Here is the official Dave Brubeck website, where you can hear more of his music and learn more about his life.  When I clicked on it a little while ago, it just started playing his jazz Christmas music.  Some of it is soothing, some of it loud and fast, and all of it ageless.  Rest in peace, Mr. Brubeck!



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