This is Black Kitteh. She sleeps pretty much all day. When she isn’t sleeping, she follows me around the house, meowing for a drink of water from a sink.

This is about all she does.


Sometimes Gray Kitteh joins in the fun.


Sometimes they fight. Or maybe they are playing. It’s hard to tell the difference.

Stop, kittehs!

And sometimes they use their super awesome laser eyes to try and get kitteh treats.

“Giiiiiive uuuuuusssss treeeeeeeats!”


Now that you’ve met the kittehs, GO PRACTICE!!!  



13 comments on “Kittehs

  1. The kittehs are adorable!!!!!!
    I also watched the o salutaris, and the veni domino. the chiors were beutiful! I am excited for the Europe trip! This is fun! Can’t wait for Europe it’s going to be fun!

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